3-D Areola, 1 day, 8 hours


(device class)

1 day / 8 hours – $1900

Learn how to recreate the appearance of the areola, commonly practiced on breast cancer survivors. Our course will teach you techniques to drawing the appropriate areola as well as proper shading and color theory to do a 3D protrusion of a nipple.




Before enrolling into our Fundamental Trainings, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Florida Department of Public Health requires all students to study and pass a Blood borne Pathogens/Communicable Diseases certification. This training can be completed online. We recommend the following sources:
***It is the student’s responsibility to contact all of the state and local board of health agencies regarding the rule and regulations for practicing permanent cosmetics in their area.
Classes are held daily from 8.30am to 7:00pm. We take two 10 minute breaks and a ½ hour lunch break. Occasionally, our classes run later so please be prepared to stay until the end. If you have any schedule restrictions, please notify us in advance.
FNS Permanent Makeup Academy device classes are taught on NPM digital machines. Our manual Microblading classes are taught with FNS Permanent Makeup Academy microblades. You are not required to purchase a NPM device or FNS Permanent Makeup Academy microblades. We will provide you with the Digital, Intelligent machine to use in class for the duration of your training.
It is very important that you feel comfortable during your week of training here. We have an assortment of coffee and tea selections, breakfast bars, snacks, fruits and bottled water available throughout the day. FNS Permanent Makeup Academy will provide lunch daily. We also have a half- sized refrigerator and microwave available if you would like to bring your own food or have any food restrictions.
For the best training experience possible, each student is responsible to arrange her/his own Models. Under direct supervision, you will complete a minimum of 6 procedures. NO STUDENT WILL BE LEFT ALONE. Permanent Cosmetics Fundamental Course requires: 2 Eyebrow Models, 2 Eyelash Enhancement Models, 2 Lip Models per Student. Microblading Fundamental Course requires: 2 Eyebrow Models per Student. All Advanced Classes require 1 Model per zone per Student. Even though, FNS Permanent Makeup Academy attempts to provide models for your procedures, on occasion, we have problems with models not keeping their scheduled appointments. Please try to arrange your own models and notify our office 1 week prior to the beginning of a course. Family, friends, and even clients will always be welcome for a material fee charge of $100 payable to Face Naked Studio, Permanent Makeup Academy. Pre-procedure materials will need to be provided to your models. Please contact our office for that information. Model attendance is not guaranteed by the Academy. FNS Permanent Makeup Academy follows strict sterilization and procedural guidelines during all model procedures, following guidelines from OSHA, FL DOH and the CDC, Center of Disease Control.. All procedures are totally supervised by the instructors who will recognize your strengths and weaknesses long before any practical work has begun. If you are hesitant because you feel that a mistake in class is permanent, then put aside your fears. We have trained many students over the years and we have yet to send home a model with any permanent tattoo mistakes.
We kindly ask that you wear clean, simple clothes and closed- toe shoes. Be aware of not wearing flowing sleeves that can disrupt a client as you are working on them. We have single use disposable gowns available to you to keep your clothes clean while in training. Long hair must be pulled back. If you wear glasses for reading, be sure to bring them. **Please note, it is recommended for each student to bring a lab coat, along packed with eagerness to learn and succeed. If you don’t have one, we have a few coats available that you can borrow during class.
Please bring your camera. Taking before and after pictures of your models is standard procedure for a professional technician and an integral part of the Client Consent forms.
Course bookings are available on a first come, first serve basis. We highly recommend booking your class as soon as possible. In order to provide you with the maximum attention, attendance is limited. Deposit: Upon registration, you will receive the invoice for 50% of the Fundamental Training tuition. Your enrollment is not confirmed until the deposit has been paid. A 50% (non-refundable) deposit of Training Fee is due with registration, which should be reserved in advance to your class date. Course bookings are on a first come, first serve basis, so book early to reserve your preferred dates. The total remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the first day of training. Method of payment: Cash, Check payable to Face Naked Studio, Visa, MasterCard or American Express  
CALL (727) 773-7710 FOR A SCHEDULE OF UPCOMING CLASSES OR GO TO OUR WEBSITE www.facenakedstudio.com or email at [email protected] or [email protected] Most classes are held Tuesday thru Friday with the weekend off. Classes finish up the following Monday thru Wednesday *** ***We typically have 1-2 primary classes per month so contact us for dates today or look on our website and let us lead you to the wonderful world of Permanent Cosmetics.
Permanent cosmetics are regulated differently in each state. Some require licensing while others may only require registration with the local health department. There are states that have no statutes in effect at all and others that strictly prohibit any form of tattooing. It is your responsibility, the prospective student, to examine the relevant statutes in your respective state, county, city and local health department for detailed information about all ordinances in the area you intend to work. This must be done before registering for training at FNS Permanent Makeup Academy. We will not be held liable if a student is in non -compliance with any regulation or laws pertinent in their area. Please do your homework and get the facts before you sign up for a class. There will be no refunds due to state and local ordinances that regulate tattooing after the fact.  
After training, you can decide to purchase the same types of devices, needles, pigments and topical anesthetics that you used during your training. 10% DISCOUNT ON PURCHASES Fundamental students receive a 10% discount on all products purchased during training. (excludes all NPM digital devices.)    


Course Dates!
Date Course Location Register
01.22-01.29 7 DAYS PERMANENT COSMETICS FUNDAMENTAL Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
01.10-01.18 7 DAYS MICROBLADING FUNDAMENTAL Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/16/18 – 11/18/18 3 DAYS ADVANCED MICROBLADING Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/29/18 1 DAY HYBRID EYEBROWS Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/30/18 1 DAY ADVANCED BROW TECHNIQUES (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/10/18 1 DAY WINGED EYELINER (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
12/15/18 1 DAY LIPLINER, OMBRE ( 2 colors blend) (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/11/18 1 DAY SMOKEY EYELINER/EYESHADOW (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/24/18 1 DAY VOLUME LIP CONTOURING (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
12/16/18 1 DAY CHEEK BLUSH AND BRONZER (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
12/4/18 1 DAY SCAR CORRECTION AND SCAR CAMOUFLAGE (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
12/5/18 1 DAY 3-D AREOLA (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/12/18 1 DAY NON-LASER TATTOO REMOVAL (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
12/17/18 – 12/19/18 3 DAYS PARAMEDICAL PACKAGE (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
To schedule private one-on-one ,group training or training in language other than English ( alternative language of the course is Russian and Spanish) please email us at [email protected]
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