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Microblading is a technique performed using a hand-held tool and micro-needles grouped together allowing you to create fine incisions, and manually deposit pigment into the upper region of the skin. Our educators have a continuous passion and dedication to supplying exceptional service and education to every training.

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Microblading by FNS Permanent Makeup Academy is an intense and exciting 3 full days of hands-on training covering the history of microblading, an overview of skin anatomy, face transformations, work area set up, and you get to work on 3 models with direct supervision of your educator.

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About Anna  Khita  The Course Founder & Master Trainer

Anna is one of the top Masters in the Eyebrow Microblading Technique, who created the Glamour Brows Microblading Technique. Anna has perfected the art of designing unique eyebrows for every face and is recognized internationally for her outstanding Microblading work.

Below is a list of her Certifications & Accreditation:

National Board Certified Micropigmentation Instructor, The American Academy of Micropigmentation (AAM)
NPM Distributor
Glamour Brows Founder, National Distributor, and Master Trainer
Award-winning business
Physician referred
Custom design, custom pigments & natural looking results
Certified, Licensed & Insured
Leading American Master
Internationally Recognized
Featured in National Publications
Why Do you have to listen to Me and Enroll

Why Face Naked Studio, Permanent Makeup Academy is the right choice for The Glamour Brows Microblading Certification

Beware of mass training programs!
At our Academy, we believe in small student to teacher ratio. We never over-sell our classes. Some training companies have as much as 14-26 students per trainer in a 2-day class. At FNS Permanent Academy we teach 8 students per instructor in a 3-day class. With us, you will get more knowledge, training, and attention.

Don’t learn just one Hair Stroke Pattern!
Our Microblading Fundamentals course teaches you 3 basic hair stroke patterns. We teach you how to identify the different pattern for each client. No eyebrow is the same, and no woman should have the same eyebrow as another. Eyebrows are individual and not cut from the same pattern.

Color Theory is extremely important!
No artist would be complete without at least a basic understanding of color theory. Every fundamental course should include basic color theory. Knowing skin tones, pigment base, and how it heals underneath the epidermis is crucial before launching into your Microblading career. Artists without this knowledge will most certainly create unwanted healed results from their Microblading work. Work from an untrained artist can heal grey, pink, blue, or even green. Be sure you get trained in color theory.

Face Anatomy
Face Anatomy is an absolute foundation for any professional Microblading Artist. It is a base that must be fully understood by each practitioner in order to choose the best eyebrow shape for each client.

Online Directory
After you certify, you will be included in our Brow Design Diamond Artist Directory. This directory is only for extraordinary artists who complete the strict certification process. Face Naked Studio (FNS) Permanent Makeup Academy Artists are the highest paid in the industry. To be an FNS PMA Artist means to be the top of the industry, the best of the best.

Ongoing Support
Predatory marketing lures the unsuspecting student into training based upon immediate monetary gain. The truth that Microblading is an art that requires hours of practice and much dedication. The skill requires excellent eyesight, a steady hand, focus, and coordination. The top artists practice for hours and hours in order to perfect their technique.

Course Outline

Introduction to Microblading
Difference between Microblading & Permanent Makeup
History of Permanent Makeup and Eyebrow Design/ Techniques
Rules and Regulations
Sanitation/ Sterilization
Client Forms/ Consultations
Blade Types
Color Theory
Eyebrow design: Measuring & Shaping Techniques
Hair stroke Techniques
Procedure Step-By-Step
Marketing & General Business Practices
Practicing on Fake Skin
Procedure on Live Model

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Class Requirements

Practice, Patience, Passion, and Determination are 4 fundamental requirements for each student.
A Valid Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate
** If you do not have this, the links below will direct you to online sources to get it**

All enrolled students are solely responsible and required to arrange a live model (client, friend, relative, any person age 18 years or older) to participate in the hands-on training under the direct supervision of an instructor. We strongly recommend that you have at least one backup model as accidents may occur.
Full payment of the course is due 14 days before the course date. If the full payment is not received 14 days prior to the course date the student will forfeit their seat and need to re-schedule for another course at a later date.
Classes are non-refundable but can be transferred once to another course at a later date.