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Now, Face Naked Studio offers a range of treatments, from basic facials with practically no technology at all to very advanced treatments utilizing the latest products and high tech equipment. Even though our licensed master Estheticians offer a diverse menu of treatments for our clients to choose from, every facial always begins with a personal consultation to determine what each client needs most on that particular day. One size never fits all.
We recommend a skin consultation if you’re looking at trying any of our professional skincare ranges. Your experienced Skin Care Therapist will perform a thorough skin analysis and skin health checkup using a variety of techniques as required. Your desires and concerns will be discussed and listened to, notes taken, home care prescription plan, advice and samples may be given. A treatment plan for in salon will be recommended as required taking into consideration financial and time restraints.  If at this appointment you choose to purchase two or more skincare products there will be no charge for consultation.

At Face Naked Studio, we ONLY work with the best, upscale European  skincare on the market .

The very best French organic skincare free of parabens, petrochemicals, carcinogens, and hormone disruptors

ATZEN products Superior to Organic™ skin care. ATZEN blends the best of scientific skin care with natural skin care and infuses it with a French flair by combining organic plants and vitamins with scientific ingredients that work such as INTACT DNA™, peptides, resveratrol, ATP (liquid energy), and growth factors. ATZEN products have no parabens and no petrochemicals. ATZEN uses only the very best ingredients for your skin. Today’s consumers demand safe and effective skin care and ATZEN delivers.

The “old way” of categorizing skin care products into products for oily, dry, or combination skin fails to address the complex and multiple skin problems most people experience.  Modern life stresses the skin and demands product formulations with multiple active ingredients that work in synergy to effectively control the conditions.  Furthermore, ATZEN incorporates new technology called boosters to enhance its formulas by making the ingredients more active and work deeper in the layers of the skin.

Inspired by and made possible by recent advances in technology and ingredients, ATZEN created five lines to deal with the stresses of modern day living and the intricacies of each person’s skin conditions.  Each line addresses multiple facial skin and body conditions.  You may choose one line or combine products from two or three lines for customized care. Everyone deserves to have healthy skin.


ATZEN Reduces: Fine Lines & Tightens Skin; Swelling & Bruising Post Op; Swollen Ankles From Edema

Stimulates: Toxin Elimination; Cell Growth

Facials  at Face Naked Studio don’t just treat the skin but are also calming and uplifting, experienced in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Choose from our extensive menu of facial treatments, & esthetic services:

All facials are highly customized catering for all skin types and conditions and for those seeking to look healthy and maintain beautiful skin in our hands.

Purchase any 6 facials and receive the 7th facial FREE


45-90 min – $170

Skin Solution Signature Facials are designed to fit each individual’s needs. Each treatment is carefully created to help in restoring and resurfacing the skin by delivering dramatic results to target skin damage, congestion fine lines, wrinkles, clarifying, correcting, hydrating, and firming. Includes steaming and pore extraction when necessary, customized mask, and customized serums. Depending on the skin condition and concerns, it will include Enzyme peel (the most effective method of cleanse), galvanic machine and serum. Luxurious neck and shoulder massage are in the 60-90 minute treatments. Treatments range from 45-90 minutes (depending on the treatment). Ideal for all skin types.

* Series of treatments are recommended. The improvements are immediate and continuous throughout the series.


60 min – $135

This customized deep pore cleansing facial provides the fundamental care needed in any regular skin care regime. This facial begins w/ a thorough cleansing, a sculpting facial massage, & dermal steaming for deep-pore cleansing w/ extractions. Next the atzen lymphobiology treatment provides a relaxing & gentle experience that detoxifies & increases skin hydration & improves elasticity as it prepares your skin for a customized mask. This procedure includes Enzyme peel and Alginate mask. Stress-relieving massage of the neck, shoulder, hands & feet, w/ warming slippers add another layer of calm to this extraordinary treatment.

*A series of 6-7 treatments is recommended over 6-7 weeks. The improvements are immediate and continuous throughout the series.




60min – $155

Lymphobiology treatment series transforms your complexion. Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, & scarring. Eliminates redness & puffiness as toxins are expelled & your skin is prepared to absorb critical nutrients w/ each gentle, relaxing lymphobiology treatment. During each treatment your skin is hydrated w/ the deeply nourishing Atzens european skin care serum. The procedure includes a specialist’s chose of a massage, alginate mask/ hydrating/cleansing  esthetician’s. Special soothing mask for eyes and lips.

*A series of ten treatments is recommended over five weeks or included in your facials. The improvements are immediate & continuous throughout the series.


60-80min – $120

The Atzen algaederm ultra moisturizing skin rejuvenating mask for deep skin hydration is added to the classic cleansing regime. During your facial, your skin therapist will deep cleanse, hydrate, and lift your skin. She will highly customize every last detail of your experience. Suitable for any time of day, for any occasion, with no down-time.



80min – $120

Naturally stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate bacteria and waste material from the deeper layers of the skin, while promoting anti-aging, and firming skin.  This treatment is appropriate for all skin types and reduces/treats acne.

The special alginate mask ( powerful plant)-derived mixture will heal and brighten acne-damaged skin with hydration and nutrients, leaving a clear, smooth and radiant face.


60-80min – $120

An effective treatment to control adult or teenage acne and help prevent scars. This facial will vary according to the skin condition and any medications involved. All first time acne treatments include a consultation about skin, nutrition, and products. All acne treatments are customized for each client. The basis of this treatment is to calm, hydrate, remove clogged pores, black and white heads, and reducing pigmentation caused by acne lesions. These treatments are unique, therefore, treatment times vary between 60-80 minutes. Your skin therapist will begin with thoroughly cleansing the skin. Then use various masks and facial massages and products to reduce surface oil, remove dead skin cells, soothe, or hydrate the skin. We will also recommend products for at-home use, such as cleansers and moisturizers, which won’t aggravate your acne.


40 min – $110

This facial combines the basic facial plus an enzyme treatment to exfoliate the skin. As opposed to microdermabrasion when the dead skin cells are removed physically, the enzyme peel will remove the dead skin cells by digesting them. The papaya or pumpkin enzymes are famous for their appetite for dead skin cells. After removing the enzyme mask the skin is smooth and soft and ready to absorb the nourishing products used during the facial. This is the most colorful facial of all!


60min – $99

This effective facial is designed to deep clean, exfoliate, clarify, soothe and hydrate skin exposed to sports or shaving and combat aging with this amazing facial. Leaves your skin looking healthy & energized & shaving will be smooth for days. This treatment includes a skin analysis & the fundamentals of a good skin care regime.


60-80min – $155

​Ideal for sensitive skin. Lighten/Brighten the surface of the skin while helping the skin retain its moisture. Light to no peeling.

During this procedure your skin therapist will use special serum and healing ATZEN products.

*To achieve best results we recommend our clients to perform this treatment once every two weeks or as needed


60-70min – $155

Great for hyper pigmentation, acne/scars, and thick built up skin. Helps fine lines, pigment and stimulates collagen production. Look refreshed and ready to go. Mild flaking occurs on sensitive skin.

This lengthy procedure uses seaweed, glycolic ACID, Micro-current   – for restoring the beauty and freshness of your face.

*To achieve best results we recommend our clients to perform this treatment once every two weeks or as needed


40-50min – $99

Ideal for addressing acne and acne scars, as well as lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. This treatment can be applied to face, chest and back.



40 min – $60

When time is of the essence  but you and your skin still needs time out then this is the perfect results driven treatment. New life for skin that is not looking it’s best and freshen up your complexion with our 40 minute workout facial for those on the go.



60min – $99

An introductory treatment to cleanse, tone, brighten, and hydrate the skin. This facial includes everything! Many extras are added to achieve the ultimate result. This is the most popular facial before weddings, reunions, and other important appearances.  This facial is an amazing experience which lifts not just the face but the spirit as well. Includes massage of the face and shoulders.

*To achieve best results we recommend our clients to perform this treatment once every two weeks or as needed. 


60 min – $119

The treatment includes 60 minute classic facial massage. The series of massages will help you experience the following effects: Vanishing and prevention of fine lines; Improvement in blood circulation and increase of smoothness and elasticity of the skin on the cheekbone, forehead, and chin; Reduction of puffiness; Improvement in skin color and reduction/disappearance of acne; Hydration and rejuvenation of the skin.


60min – $119

This procedure is being performed with the help of a special galvanic device for the achievement of   the most effective, non-invasive penetration of ATZEN products, serums and vitamins into your skin. The results of the procedure: Deep cleanse and a smaller pores;  Healing of a scar tissue;  Reduction in excess skin oil;  Increase in skin tone;  Lightening of age spots and post-acne scars;  Lessening in puffiness and dark under eye circles; Cleansing and hydrating of the  skin by using ATZEN products.



60-70 min – $119

This treatment will help with reducing puffiness, issues with capillaries, leaving your  skin firm and elastic. It will effectively reduce excess sebum production, while fading the inflammatory blemishes, lighten pigmentation, and smooth out large wrinkles and facial contour.

*Recommended in a series.


60-80 min –  290$

This is our new revolutionary treatment with the use of Dermapen. Expect deep cleansing, skin hydration, vitamin and a special serum penetration into your skin. The following results can be achieved after the treatment: Renewal of skin’s smoothness and elasticity; Deep wrinkles become less pronoun and fine lines virtually vanish; Pigmentation becomes less visible; The skin becomes even and smooth; The face becomes restored, rejuvenated, refreshed, and the “second chin” almost disappears; Perfect prevention of possible skin irritation; Great for instant tightening and lifting of the skin with long term benefits.


60 min – $ 119

Your wedding day – it’s the one day of your life when your skin needs to step up and stay blemish-free. Experienced skin therapist will massage your skin and décolletage to stimulate blood circulation and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. During your pre-Wedding facial, we will take great care to deep cleanse, hydrate and lift your skin and highly customize every last detail of your experience. Suitable for any time of day, for any occasion, with no down-time.

*It is recommended to have your first pre wedding facial 6 weeks prior to your big wedding day and a follow up facial, 1 week before your wedding. 


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