About Us


Face Naked Studio is against shortcuts or impersonal treatments. We take our clients’ satisfaction very seriously and strive to provide the very best customer service and support system possible. We provide each client with custom design, custom pigments & natural looking results. Face Naked Studio is Certified, Licensed & Insured Permanent Makeup Academy & Spa.


It is important for the consumer to understand what they should be looking for in a Permanent Cosmetics specialist. Permanent Cosmetics is considered tattooing which means that we are breaking the skin and there are special guidelines that need to be followed. Not all states have regulations for tattooing and permanent cosmetics and it is up to the consumer to do their research and make sure they are going to a licensed facility.

When you look better, you feel better. Permanent makeup makes it possible to look better around the clock!

Meet Anna Khita – The Founder of FNS Permanent Makeup Academy

Anna Khita is a member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation, a very prestigious and selective multinational organization of only the finest micro pigmentation professionals. What sets Anna aside from permanent makeup professionals isn’t only her extensive selection of credentials and awards, but her dedication to achieve a natural permanent makeup look. Not only does this single Anna Khita out amongst other permanent makeup in Florida, but in the nation. “Permanent makeup shouldn’t be noticeable”, Anna says. She explains permanent makeup is simply an enhancement, people should not be able to point out traces of permanent makeup, but rather, notice a beauty that doesn’t leave a footprint of cosmetic evidence. Anna is a certified medical micropigmentation (CMM) and permanent makeup practicioner (PMP). Micropigmentation (permanent makeup) offers a secure and highly natural look, as opposed to permanent makeup implemented with a tattoo gun. Anna is highly cognizant of what looks realistic and seamless, putting great value on natural-looking permanent makeup. Within the general Florida area (and locations beyond Florida such as Connecticut, New York and New Jersey), Anna has gotten many clients seeking permanent makeup corrections. Half of Anna’s permanent makeup clientele are sourced from permanent makeup reparation — many being unhappy with how un-natural their previous permanent cosmetic makeup looked.

Anna Khita approaches her permanent makeup clients with a rather conservative frame of mind. She always advices lighter color decisions, promising that her clients can always go a shade darker at their free touch-up if need be. For it is always easier to apply more color than it is to take it away. Anna has been working with tremendous amount of alopecia clients, cancer survivors, etc. All funds collected from procedures done to cancer survivors, Anna donates to Cancer foundations.

With a strong eye for both design and color theory, Anna translated her artistic talents to makeup and permanent cosmetics where she further refined her color theory, expanded her knowledge of skin anatomy and mastered her gentle technique. Anna is committed to giving her clients the most natural look, maximum comfort and a mutual satisfaction. Anna is meeting the highest standards for safety and technical expertise. Anna is keeping herself apprised of advancements and techniques in the industry, through continued education classes and conventions, as well as regular announcements and newsletters. Anna truly believes in continued education, and regularly attends advanced training classes and lectures throughout the world.