Full Brows


Your brows are your best beauty accessory as they can make or break your entire look. Beautifully shaped eyebrows enhance and lift the eyes, draw attention to your cheek bones and frame the face. Whether you like them perfectly arched or feathered and full, they’re the one feature that has the power to define your face and frame your features.

Why Full Brows?

• Full Brows Let You Wear Less Makeup

• Full Brows Make You Look Younger

• Full Brows Show More Facial Expression

• Full Brows Make Everything Look Up


Pre-Procedural Advice

*Prior and/or during your procedure you will be required to fill out forms/waiver (unless you completed it when booked your appointment online) including a medical history that our trained semi-permanent make-up artist will review.

One Week Before

Stop taking the following supplements; Vitamin E, B6, Omega 3, Gingko Biloba, & St. John’s Wort) as they contribute to thinning the blood and may affect anesthetic efficacy. You may resume taking your vitamins 72 hours after.

72 Hours Before And After

Your Full Brows appointment: avoid alcohol, caffeine, aspirin and any other related blood thinners. Tylenol is fine.

On The Day Of Your Appointment

• Avoid caffeine and alcohol, prior to the procedure, this will minimize any oozing/bleeding or swelling after the procedure.

• Wash your hair in the morning as you will need to avoid the shower for several days. Baths are recommended.

• Do not work out at least 2 hours prior to the appointment as it can make you bleed as well as the body heat expands the pores.

• You can come in with or without makeup. I will clean and sanitize your skin prior to working on the skin. Feel free to bring some pictures of eyebrows that you really like.

• Candidates with a very large pores or severely oily skin should think twice prior to having a procedure done, hence in most cases   your results will appear softer/solid or powdered looking.

• Please do not pluck, wax or tweeze your brows prior to your procedure.

• Let me know ahead of time if you have a pervious eyebrow tattoo.

• Only the client will be allowed in the treatment room.

• If there are any bumps, blemishes, pimples, active cold sores, irritation of the skin of any kind, moles, bruises or other skin imperfections in or around the procedure site, Face Naked Studio technician will reschedule your procedure  until the area/s of concern are completely healed or the mole is removed and healed. 



• Hair strokes WILL appear crisp, darker and bold at first, but will soften up in appearance as the tissue heals.

• The area will shed taking some color with it this is normal. The area will begin to oxidize and darken over the 1st month.

• It’s important to start with a slightly darker color as it will fade after it heals.

• Everyone’s skin heals differently and most clients develop patchy areas or the appearance of fading after the first treatment. *  It is important to understand that this is a two part process and the second touch up treatment will complete the procedure and, after healing, you will see the finished result.

• NOTE: Some residual swelling is normal for ALL procedures.  The area may appear uneven, dry, itchy, tender, red & irritated. This is all 100% normal.  DO NOT PICK.   These symptoms will dissipate each day and vary on an individual basis. Color WILL fade/soften anywhere from 40% to 60%.  At the touch up we will fine tune any area that has faded too much.

• Healing is specific to each client.

• It is important to realize that you will need a color boost every 12-18 months to maintain its fresh natural appearance.

• Fading will happen after each procedure.  We do not have control over your bodies healing process.  You may need to powder and/or pencil even after the healed results.  This is an enhancement to your natural brows not a permanent one.   You will be given a guidance on how to care for your brows during the initial healing period, this includes:

• Do not get eyebrows wet for 7 days

• Use the balm prior to getting into the shower, washing your face or going to the gym

• Do not remove balm, pat gently with a towel if water has beaded on top of the balm

• Do not pick at your eyebrows, this may start to peel and or scab since they are healing leave them alone. Do not pick scabs if any appear

• Do not apply make up on your eyebrows for 7 days

• No Anti-Aging creams on the brow area

• Do not scratch your eyebrows during the 14 day healing process

• No tanning beds for the first two weeks

• Avoid sauna or steam room for the first 14 days after your treatment


Touch Ups

You will need to return for your touch up treatment no later than 4-6 weeks after the first treatment. Please note, it is a client responsibility to schedule his perfection session appointment within 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment.

Please Note

• If you are required to be on antibiotics prior to the procedure please bring a doctor’s note.


• No chemical peels 60 days prior and must wait 60 days after (Avoiding the forehead is recommended)

• IF YOU DO FREQUENT PEELS, THE BROWS WILL FADE QUICKER DUE TO Retinols/Retin-A’s, other anti-aging creams or serums containing acids will fade your permanent makeup prematurely EVEN AFTER IT IS HEALED.

• Smoking will cause the pigment to fade prematurely and anesthetics will not last as long.


• You are not a good candidate if you have very LARGE pores or Severely Oily Skin.  Your results will appear softer/solid or powdered looking.

• PERMANENT MAKEUP & MICROBLADING WILL NOT BE PERFORMED IF YOU ARE PREGNANT.  If you are nursing you may get the procedure but anesthesia cannot be applied to the skin.

• You have to be off Accutane for 1 year

• Getting a procedure while on your menstrual cycle can make you hyper-sensitive at the procedure site.

• If there are any bumps, blemishes, pimples, active cold sores, irritation of the skin of any kind, moles, bruises or other skin imperfections in or around the procedure site, Face Naked Studio technician will reschedule your procedure until the area/s of concern are completely healed or the mole is removed and healed.