Facial Feminization

Permanent Cosmetics is not just a technique, it is an art, a jeweler’s work. Practitioner’s talent to draw free hand, have an absolute eye for color selection and facial symmetry is what differentiates and determines the professional from incidental practitioners . This is especially true in feminization procedures, which require acute awareness of the differences in male and female facial features. Cautious attention must be paid to individual face anatomy and skin tone variations. To look natural, permanent cosmetics practitioner must reconstruct individual hair strokes and natural colors.
Typically, permanent cosmetics procedures are done on the eyebrows, eyes and lips. Changing the shape, fullness and definition of the eyebrows emphasizes and lifts the eyes, frames the face, and adds balance and symmetry. Adding the eyeliner makes lashes appear fuller and thicker. Lips can be made to appear fuller and more defined, adding youth and sensuality.

While these procedures naturally add femininity, facial feminization of men’s features requires much greater changes to shape and position than usual. The feminizing effects can range from subtle, for cross dressers who need to live in both genders, to dramatic, for those who don’t. Permanent cosmetics feminization can go a long way to helping transgender individuals achieve feminine look that they desire. While facial feminization is not a replacement for FFS, these procedures will provide a significant degree of feminization at a relatively low cost.