Male Powerful Brows/ Microblading

Male Powerful

Most of the powerful men in the world have really thick, dark and bushy eyebrows. It enhances a male’s credibility and authority. For our men clients who want natural looking eyebrows we recommend the hair strokes simulation. This technique consists of implanting pigment in a little one by one hair stroke line between your existing eyebrows to give a fuller and best designed eyebrow shape. Having the procedure done by one of our professionals will give you guaranteed confidence that, nobody will be able to identify that you have had permanent makeup applied. It is up to you how you want your new look to be, we can do a gradual effect over a few sessions or we can do your eyebrows completely. Men with cuts, scars or uneven eyebrows can also get your eyebrows fixed these days.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul, so a pair of bold eyebrows will help focus attention on your eyes. Just as it is important to a woman to have beautiful brows, a lack of brow hair may affect the confidence level of a man.