Classic Eyelash Extension Class

Classic Eyelash Extension Class


The Face Naked Studio, Permanent Make-up Academy’s 3-day Eyelash Extensions Training Course designed to provide each of our student with individual attention and hands-on training with the Eyelash Extensions. Our training is developed to perfectly suit needs of both beginners and those who are entering new and exciting career of Lash Artist. We will provide you with the essential eyelash extensions knowledge and training, as well as includes a Starter Kit to serve the first 50 clients.

What is an Eyelash Extension?

Eyelashes role is to emphasize the beauty and draw attention to the eyes. Eyelash extensions are the perfect solution for those who want longer, thicker, and more beautiful-looking eyelashes 24/7. The beauty of this treatment is that you can give your clients any look they desire by choosing and experimenting different lengths, dimension and curls. Extended eyelashes look natural and last long enough to forget about everyday routine of applying and removing makeup. Eyelash extensions created to imitate your client’s natural eyelashes, when each eyelash extension is individually attached to a single natural eyelash, resulting in stunning eyes with natural appearance while providing each client with the intense color, volume and length. Using a proprietary adhesive, eyelash extensions should only be applied by a trained and certified Eyelash Extensions Artist. Eyelash Extensions are not traditional false eyelashes. Eyelash Extensions are safe and comfortable to wear, while if applied correctly and with routine touch-ups every two to four weeks, you can offer your clients amazing eyelashes for life. There are three types of eyelash extensions: synthetic, silk, and mink. Size availability varies from 6mm to 17mm. Once selected, the lashes are applied one at a time onto the natural eyelash at approx. 1mm away from the skin, using a specially formulated, semi-permanent adhesive that will not irritate the eye nor damage the natural lash.
Silk Lashes are the best fit for the clients with weak lashes, who want to get naturally looking lashes. Silk Lashes are light weight, but don’t hold the curl as well as synthetic lashes. Mink Lashes do look and feel the most natural for the client. They come from a real mink`s tail fur and harvested via cruelty free method such as brushing the animal. Mink Lashes are very lightweight and feathery. They last longer due to its light weight, but the curl needs to be maintained on a daily basis. Faux Mink Lashes (Synthetic) are made of poly-fiber and designed to imitate mink fur. This type of lashes is one of the most popular among clients and Lash Artists hence requires minimum maintenance, keeps its permanent curl and comes in a wide variety of lengths, curls and dimensions. The main types of curliness you can offer to your clients are: J, B, C, CC, D, LC, LD. The main ingredient in eyelash adhesives is cyanoacrylate, which is the same ingredient used in surgical adhesives. Regardless what some companies may claim, it is a fact that currently no eyelash adhesives are hypoallergenic or FDA approved. Adhesive should never make contact with the client’s skin. Proper way would be to take out between 1 to 2 drops of adhesive per client, and only use 1/10 of each drop. This is important to note, that proper application of the eyelash extensions should be seamless and smooth without any clumps of glue.


Day #1

  • Cleanness and security measures while working with a client
  • Eyelash extension
  • Real eyelash structure
  • Eye shapes
  • Thickness and bending of real eyelashes
  • Real eyelash growth phases
  • Master’s workplace equipment
  • Contraindications of the procedure. Correct ways of lower eyelash isolation.
  • Eyelash treatment before the procedure
  • The rules of working with glue
  • Tweezers: straight and curved
  • High quality eyelash extensions
  • Choice of the right thickness / length and bending of the eyelash
  • Individual assistance in selection of a tweezers
  • Right position of the hand
  • Master’s workplace equipment
  • Eyelash extensions on the mannequin / models

Day #2

  • Review of US market materials
  • Classification of eyelashes
  • Basics of modeling
  • Methods of modeling and eye shape touch up
  • Main types of the build-up (3D, 4D ..)
  • Eyelash extension errors
  • Touch up or New Set
  • Customer care recommendations
  • Real eyelashes recovery after a substandard eyelash extension
  • Removing of the eyelashes
  • Psychology of communication with a client
  • Aspects affecting the wearing of the eyelashes
  • Answers to all emerging issues arising during the working process
  • Correction of the mistakes while building up

Day #3

  • Eyelash extension on the model
  • Methods of the work speed improvement
  • Support after the course
  • Volume lash extension
  • Hands-on Training
  • Issue of the certificate
Eyelash Extensions Artist Earning Potential
Fee per Procedure 5 Full Sets per Week 10 Full Sets per Week
$180 $46,800 $93,600
$220 $57,200 $114,400
$300 $78,000 $156,000
Fee per Procedure 5 Touch Ups per Week 10 Touch Ups per Week
$50 $13,000 $26,000
$75 $19,500 $39,000
$100 $26,000 $52,000
$150 $39,000 $78,000
$200 $52,000 $104,000


Course Dates!
Date Course Location Register
01.22-01.29 7 DAYS PERMANENT COSMETICS FUNDAMENTAL Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
01.10-01.18 7 DAYS MICROBLADING FUNDAMENTAL Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/16/18 – 11/18/18 3 DAYS ADVANCED MICROBLADING Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/29/18 1 DAY HYBRID EYEBROWS Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/30/18 1 DAY ADVANCED BROW TECHNIQUES (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/10/18 1 DAY WINGED EYELINER (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
12/15/18 1 DAY LIPLINER, OMBRE ( 2 colors blend) (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/11/18 1 DAY SMOKEY EYELINER/EYESHADOW (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/24/18 1 DAY VOLUME LIP CONTOURING (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
12/16/18 1 DAY CHEEK BLUSH AND BRONZER (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
12/4/18 1 DAY SCAR CORRECTION AND SCAR CAMOUFLAGE (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
12/5/18 1 DAY 3-D AREOLA (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
11/12/18 1 DAY NON-LASER TATTOO REMOVAL (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
12/17/18 – 12/19/18 3 DAYS PARAMEDICAL PACKAGE (device class) Clearwater, FL Enroll Now
To schedule private one-on-one ,group training or training in language other than English ( alternative language of the course is Russian and Spanish) please email us at [email protected]
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